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yoon  & grange

Sugar & Spice Events -
Sugar & Spice Events -
Sugar & Spice Events - Exchanging Vow during wedding ceremony at Suffolk House
Sugar & Spice Events - Wedding tradition, bride throwing our bouquet toss at Blue Mansion
Sugar & Spice Events - Photo in black and white of newly wed couple taken in Suffolk House Penang
Sugar & Spice Events -
Sugar & Spice Events -

Photographer: Terence Teetoo Toh

Venue: The Blue Mansion

Decor: Ohara Florist

Cake : I <3 Cakes

Make up Artist : Yvonne Bridal Make-up

Band: Wedding In Charlie

Strings Quartet: Kester Music

Guest: 100 pax

Words cannot express how thankful I am to be recommended to Sugar & Spice Event by a good friend when she heard I was looking for a wedding planner.

From the get-go, Team Sugar & Spice and I clicked and I knew she totally understood my needs and that of my fiancé's (now husband).

We live in Singapore but was having the wedding in Penang and the fact that Team Sugar & Spice helped us sort out everything in Penang and still had time to meet up with us in both Singapore and Penang made their our dream celebration coordinator!

They are highly professional and meticulous in their work and the fact they are passionate about making the day perfect for us is what made the difference between Team Sugar & Spice and other random event planners. Their passion and dedication is unparalleled and genuinely cares for their customers and want what's best for them.

Team Sugar & Spice even went out of their way to buy certain items that we wanted but couldn't easily get for the wedding day. And on the actual day, Team Sugar & Spice was my pillar of strength! When there were unforeseen circumstances that occurred, the team was right there to fix it and made sure everything went smoothly and according to plan. They didn't falter once & was always on top of things! A bride cannot ask for anything more than having a calm, caring and cool person like Team Sugar & Spice around to ensure that everyone has the best time and leave the coordinating and worrying to Team Sugar & Spice. 

The wedding day itself was beyond my wildest dreams and I still feel all warm and fuzzy inside thinking about it now. The fact that we didn't have to worry about anything and stressing over the nitty-gritty details made it possible for us and our loved ones to just enjoy the moment and commit it to memory once and for all. Everyone had the best time and so did we! It was truly a magical day thanks to all the planning and coordinating done by Team Sugar & Spice.

It was no easy feat as all our guests flew in from abroad and most of them had not even stepped foot in Penang! So the level of coordination required to get everyone to 2 different venues in one day was on a different scale. But Team Sugar & Spice all that and ensured that everyone was up to speed with what's going on the entire time! We could not have done it without their expertise in the field. And I'm certain the reason why they are so good at their job is that they loves love! I could see the sparkle in their eyes when they spoke of weddings and how great they are and how special each and everyone one of them can be with the right choices to create extraordinary moments for the couple.

So, if you are looking for the perfect wedding day or in fact the perfect event of any sort, look no further than to Team Sugar & Spice. I guarantee you will not be disappointed. We will forever be grateful to her for making our wedding day the best day of our lives! We love you Team Sugar & Spice!! - Yoon and Grange