Wedding Cake Tips - Tasty Pieces Of Advice From A Seasoned Event Planner

Wedding Cake Tips

Tasty Pieces Of Advice From A Seasoned Event Planner

I Love my Job

Running an event management company has its perks. And one of them is witnessing the creation beautiful wedding cakes. These are really works of art and I really admire the inspiration and the effort that goes into turning a concept into reality. Having coordinated countless wedding events in Malaysia and in the other countries over the years, I have a few suggestions when it comes to getting your wedding cake just right.

Taste the Cakes

Start by setting up a few appointments and plan ahead with each baker you have chosen and tasting them all! I mean come on, all you can eat cake! Keep your options open, do not limit yourself to only one baker and what he/she provides. There are so many more options here in Penang/Malaysia and so many more fantastic cake flavors. I would highly recommend for you to meet all the bakers.You have scheduled an appointment with and try all the cake varieties before deciding on one. Unless there is a certain flavor that has a “WOW” factor and you decide that that's the cake for you. 

Style of the Cake

Decide on the style of the cake after you have decided on the theme of your wedding and your dress. This will help you with the decision of what elements you would like to add to the design of your cake.  Choose a cake that will complement your venue, dress and of course most importantly your theme. 

Involve Your Hubby! 

With the madness that has been going on with all the wedding preparations, take this opportunity to enjoy an activity that you can include your hubby in. I’m sure it’ll be a lot of fun! Relax and meet bakers at their bakeries that smell like yummy cookies, cake and frosting, tasting yummy cakes of all flavors and enjoying a cup of coffee/tea. Not to mention not leaving out the man you’re about to marry out on a very important wedding decision.

Fondant or Buttercream?

Hmmmm… this is a tough decision. Buttercream is of course much more delicious however if you would like your cake to have the smooth, silky and structured style then fondant is definitely for you. Also, with fondant you can definitely be more create with the design as the cake will be more structured and be able to hold all sorts of decorations.

Keeping the Cake


Depending on the size of your cake some wedding might have leftover cake and some may not. If you’re planning to order a big grand wedding cake here's a tip for you! Keep the cake! Yeah you heard me. It’ll only be a waste for you to throw that exquisite cake that you spent so much time on searching and not to mention the money you have spent! Tell your caterer or amazing wedding planner *(Sugar & Spice) to help you arrange for someone to cut it up and wrap the cake in plastic wrap and if you want it to last longer keep the wrapped cake in a airtight (zip lock) bag. Next step is to take it home and freeze it. You can now slowly enjoy your wedding cake even after 2-3 months after the ceremony.

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